The Last Exit

‘Last Exit Food Truck’ or ‘E11!’ or ‘Street Food Truck Park’ is very innovative concept, goes well with the artistic taste of food lovers. The area is set up with the good old idea of a Gourmet Street Food experience, with food trucks being lined up in a multi-hued arena. From Mexican to Local Arabic, the place has in its plate, a good variety of tongue stimulators.

Russian Folk Dance

Russian folk dance is, even today, a very close to heart experience for the people there. The Russian dancers enthralled the audience with their grace and their flying movements at ease.

Dubai Camel Race

The Dubai Camel Race is something very much unique and special about the Dubai Dunes. Camel lovers and owners from various parts of the Emirates call it their day. Camels from even very far-off places are transported to the Race Course Area on Dubai-Al Ain Road.

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