Celebrating Emirati Women’s Day

Expats and native people agree one thing common – Dubai is one of the safest countries in the world for women. And the strong presence of women in the major initiatives of the country, be it business or service, is a true honour and giving-back to this safety and trust bestowed by the nation.

Cannons with a Peace-Mission

The Arab World, despite of being a fast-moving one, keep dearly to itself the roots of culture and tradition. The cannon is a classic example. The other-wise war-representative has a peace-mission in this region!


Jumeriah locale of Dubai is much familiar to people who are even yet to visit this country, thanks to the perfect pictures being spread out into the web world by tourist-charmers.

Dubai Job Cards

The Gulf Coasts are still a hot boiling pot of all careers for any nationality, without doubt. Knowing the right platter to serve the right cuisine is the key.

The Supreme

One must visit Burj Khalifa for one good reason – to apprehend on how tiny an atom we are in this universe of wonders.

World Photography Day

A time has come where photography is every man’s darling with almost everyone carrying a digital or phone camera device, and no day passes without taking atleast one photograph. There are people and groups who still try to revive and keep alive the good old techniques and mechanisms of photography – especially the analog medium. Signs are favorable for the resumption of the Analogue-Photography Era!

The Lives of Others

An ad says, “Our clothes speak volumes before our first Hello”. In every cluster of work, people comfortably choose their cloth-styles and adapt themselves to fit into it!

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