Open Reflections!

Anecdotes are many about people who find it terribly difficult to part with their mirror before they step out of houses. No wonder, full-size multiple-mirrors on a public space is a welcoming idea!

Beer Bellies & Shiny Tops

On the streets, medical suggestions are offered by strangers to people with shiny heads or a sagging paunch. At times cameras can explore many things which words fail to extract.

The Warp and Weft

Traditional hand-crafts were the trend of that time when the nation was leaping on its forward race. The walls of every household often heard the sound of crafts like Bedouin textile or sadou weaving or palm basket weaving.

Show you Care!

Every restaurant in the UAE offers free door delivery. But how many of us extend a cup of water or atleast a smile of gratitude when we see them off?

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